All About the Client Portal

One of the great features we can offer at Wave Your Paw is access to your client portal. The client portal is part of our pet sitting software that allows you to enter and update your personal information, your pet information, request services for your pets, contact your sitters, and pay your invoices. We also require each client to log in and electronically sign our service agreement and policies, which saves a lot of paper and trees! You can access your portal anytime from the large red button on our homepage or directly at

After signing up with Wave Your Paw, we will send you a welcome email that has your portal log in information and link. After you log in for the first time, you can change your password to something easy for you to remember. We can also change your password for you at any time if you forget it! Your home screen will look like this:

After you enter your new password, a copy of our service agreement and policies will be displayed. Please read through them and type your name at the bottom as your electronic signature. We cannot provide services without this being completed.

The top toolbar has tabs for Conversation, Pets, Schedule, My Info, Invoices, and Help. Just below the toolbar is our announcements area where we add any important company information.

Your home screen will automatically be on Conversation after you log in for the first time. Conversation is any messages between Wave Your Paw and you. This can be messages sent through the portal, replies to our emails,Ā or text messages sent to 612-255-1495. Emails sent directly to will not show up here.

Pets is where you should enter each of your pets and fill out all their information. This section is what our sitters use to care for your pets properly so please fill out every box that pertains to that pet. You can also update this information any time there is a a change with your pets. Make sure to hit “save changes” on the bottom right when done šŸ™‚

ScheduleĀ allows you to see any services that are already scheduled, request a change to an already scheduled service, or request a new service. The main schedule page shows the current week and you can scroll to past or future weeks:

The red cancel/change button on the top will allow you to request a change to an already scheduled service, such as cancelling, changing the time, or changing the length. Clicking the red button will bring up a message box for you to contact us with whatever change is needed. We will make the necessary changes and get back to you as soon as possible! The blue request new service button will allow you to pre-schedule any future services you may need. You will need to select the date(s), type of service, time of day, and you can leave us a note if needed. You can also request multiple services by clicking the small blue link under the date, which will allow you to put in a date range for multiple walks or pet sitting visits. Please note that submitting a visit request does not mean they are automatically scheduled! We will review your request and either send you a final confirmation or contact you if there is an issue. We may also contact you if they visit type or time you’ve requested is different than what you normally schedule, to make sure we are scheduling exactly what you want. By picking your dates and visits yourself, we are decreasing the likelihood of a miscommunication in scheduling.

My InfoĀ is where you update all your personal contact information, how to access your house, any home care instructions (mail, trash, etc), and how you prefer to be contacted. Please fill out as much information as possible and make sure you add an emergency contact in case we ever can’t reach you. On the very bottom toolbar, you can also click Portal Agreement to view the service agreement you e-signed at any time.


Invoices is where is you will find any unpaid invoices and where you can add or update your credit card number. Invoices will not appear here until they have been finalized by us and emailed to you. Just click the invoice, select your payment method (credit card or PayPal), add a tip if you’d like, and submit. You will need to keep a credit card on file with us at all times and you can add that card by clicking the blue Payment Methods button and entering your card info. Wave Your Paw cannot see this information other than the card type and last 4 digits and we will not charge it unless you mark it on the My Info screen or if your invoice becomes overdue. You are always welcome to pay by cash or check before the due date too!

We hope that you find your client portal to be a helpful tool and a great way to stay connected with us at Wave Your Paw! Please feel free to contact us with questions at any time!