Heartworm & Tick Season is Here

Heartworm & Tick Season Has Begun!

Heartworm is a parasite carried by mosquitoes, and living in Minnesota means we have a LOT of mosquitoes! Any dog or cat can be infected any time the are bitten by one of the buzzing menaces, and this includes indoor only pets. We all know mosquitoes get inside our houses all the time. The parasite will migrate in the pet and take up residence in the heart where they grow and multiply, eventually causing heart and/or lung issues. Dogs will need to undergo a very serious treatment course that can last for weeks and they could die while the worms are being slowly killed off inside them. Heartworm disease can be even more serious in cats and the first sign is often sudden death. There is good news, though! There are a ton of heartworm preventatives on the market that are extremely safe and effective for dogs and cats.

Ticks are also a huge problem in Minnesota and they are already out this Spring. Ticks carry a multitude of diseases including Lyme Disease. Your vet will likely test your dog for 3 common tick borne diseases when they do their yearly heartworm test. These tick borne diseases can cause life long issues even after treatment so prevention is still the best! Plus, who wants to pull those nasty bugs off themselves?! There are many topical tick preventatives on the market plus a newer chewable preventative.

Now is the time to protect your pets from heartworm & tick┬ádiseases! We recommend discussing all preventative healthcare with your veterinarian to find the best options for your furry friends. Don’t have a vet? We’d be happy to give you a recommendation to a vet in your area! Contact us for info!

Mosquito heartworm & tick