Summer Dangers

Spring is finally here and Summer will be coming soon! It’s always fun to be out and about with your pets but there are some concerns to watch out for while enjoying a beautiful Minnesota summer.

  • Bugs! Some people (and pets) love them and some hate them, but either way, some can cause problems. The MN state bird- mosquitoes- can spread heartworm disease to dogs and cats. Even indoor pets are at risk because the pesky mosquitoes don’t just stay outside. The best prevention is to have your dogs and cats on monthly heartworm preventatives- talk to your vet about the available options. Ticks are also a big problem in MN and carry many life altering diseases. A good flea and tick preventative and possibly a vaccine for Lyme disease are also good things to discuss with your vet. Biting and stinging bugs like bees can also cause reactions in some pets so be aware of what your pets are playing with outside.
  • Heat! One of the best parts of a MN summer is the warmer weather but the heat can cause issues for some animals. Remember that your pet is wearing fur and may not be able to cool off as quickly as we can. Shade, cool water, and air conditioning can be lifesavers in the summer. Cars get way too hot way too fast so please don’t leave your pets in the car in the summer. Minnesota is one of many states that allows people to legally break a window in your car if they feel your pet is in danger. Hot roads and sidewalks can also be a problem and many dogs each year burn their paws. If you aren’t sure how hot that sidewalk is, put your palm down on it for 5-10 seconds and see how it feels to you. Your dog can still go for a walk just let them walk along the grass!
  • Weather! Storms are part of life and always something to be aware of. Thunder can be extremely frightening to some pets and can cause anxiety, cause them to have potty accidents, or even lead to pets escaping their yard or leash. Lightning can be dangerous for pets that are outside just like people and hail is no fun to be hit with either.
  • Fireworks! Fireworks can be just as scary as storms and similar precautions should be taken. Also be aware that some fireworks leave pieces behind that could be ingested IMG_20160428_135307and cause medical problems. Check through your yard if your neighbors have been enjoying fireworks too, some of those pieces fly far!
  • Poisons/Toxins! Rat bait, antifreeze, bug killers, and gum containing Xylitol are all dangerous to pets and when they spend more time outside in the nicer weather, the bigger the risk they could get into something. Be very cautious allowing pets access to garages or sheds where things are stored and be aware what is on your property. While out walking, watch for gum left on the sidewalk or streets because a small amount of Xylitol can be deadly. Also watch for yard flags reporting chemical treatment and avoid treated grass until safe!

The staff at Wave Your Paw always has the best interests of your pets in mind. We pay close attention to the weather and we do not walk during thunderstorms or other severe weather. Instead, we have quick potty breaks and then lots of indoor playtime. No walk is worth risking getting hit with lightning or hail, or risking a scared dog slipping their leash and running off! We also pay close attention to the temperature and base our walk length and speed off what each individual dog can handle. We all love summer and we want everyone to have a happy and safe one!